Writing As A Form Of Healing

Writing As A Form Of Healing

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

God's Hand Is Over Your Life

My new book The Praying Woman: God's Hand Is Over Your Life is available for purchase at Amazon. The book's main focus is to minister the love of God over the life of a woman who prays.  When we pray God covers us.  We are reminded of this in Psalms 91 when the Word says that those who dwell with our Lord we will be covered with His wings.  How do we dwell with Him?  We live in Him and walk with Him daily.  Living in God is doing His will and seeking our purpose according to His will for us.  Do you know that you are divinely unique and that you can know your own unique purpose?  How do we come to know our purpose?  Seek God and pray.  He is our Heavenly Father and remember, He will keep His hand over your life.

You are special to the Lord and He has brought you out of some stuff.  You know He has and He has covered you and He is still keeping you safe.  So continue to pray for yourself and your family and He will protect you.

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