Writing As A Form Of Healing

Writing As A Form Of Healing

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our Flow

Greetings Ladies,

We are happy to be here to blog with you.  I am Annette Journet Jaco author and speaker.  I would love to communicate with inspirational authors.  To date I have published 14 inspirational books including inspirational poetry collections.

My book titles are "Songs & Whispers", "A Song From Eden", "What Do I Pray For?", "Crucified but Risen", "Children Let's Sing Hallelujah", "Writing As A Form Of Healing", "He That Dwelleth In Psalm 91", "Mothers Who Pray", my own personal testimony of domestic violence, "The Patience I Know: Waiting In The Midst Of Turmoil", "Knock And It Shall Be Opened", "Memoir Of A Kind Soul-A Priceless Keepsake", "Beautiful On The Outside And On The Inside", "Challenges Women Face In Ministry: But Hope Is On Their Side".  Please take the time to visit my personal website: www.ajacotoripoetry.com.  If you have read one of my books please leave a discussion on my online sign up page.

God bless you.  If you are an author, I love supporting other works of inspirational and Christian material, poetry and motivational articles.  Let's Blog!

Annette Jaco/Author/Speaker/Evangelist